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It is archaic textile technology that has been approximately lost in modern civilization. The oldest finds connected with that technology are dated 5th century B.C. But there are women in small Russian villages who remember that intricate occupation.

Interest towards revival of needle binding among those who are interested in the Middle Ages in developed countries is growing. Seamless clothes made with that technology is used in role games, in museums of history and culture with principle of "alive exposition". There are work gauntlets in Karelian State Museum of Local History that are made by one needle of sheep wool with added horsehair. Sometimes cow hair was added. It prevented gauntlets from abrasion. They were indispensable to use in fishing and cutting wood in winter as they were heat-insulating and at the same time they less waterproof than gauntlets made of pure wool. Instrument is a needle with rounded spike and a hole on the other end. It can be made of wood, bone or metal. Also can be used needles with a form of propeller with a hole in the middle and deflected spikes.

Needle binding considered to be men's occupation in past. In Karelia there is still a proverb about a good wife who is as nimble as in needle binding.