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Why I'm interested in handmade textile? Maybe the reason is in genes. Seven generations of my ancestors were peasants of Central Russia. Only my parents became representatives of soviet intelligentsia. Or maybe it is an effect of higher education according to the individual study plan that I received in Petrozavodsk State University at building department. My specialization leaded by member of the Academy of Architecture and Building Dr. of Architecture Professor V.P.Orfinski consisted in research of traditional wooden architecture of the North. While approaching traditional culture it thrills you with its syncretism. Its effect on modern person is multiplex. Studying the planning of ancient living house a person will for sure pay attention to everyday peculiarities of peasant life that are connected with planning. It is admirable, that everything made by masters and craftsmen are in conformity with nature. Endlessness of harmonic art forms causes passion. It is impossible to doubt in effect of traditional culture of the North on me.

That's how I started to teach national embroidery to the children of Karelia. Time passed and a suitable name for the studio appeared "Bereginja". During 12 years I leaded modern urban girls into the magic world of ancient handwork. Together we searched for the ways of the socialising cooperation of female teenagers and traditional culture in modern life. Drew from national treasury traditional views on family life and institute of marriage portion, learned ancient and modern techniques of girls' handicrafts, thought about self-descriptiveness of symbol row of art motives. Together we addressed our historical roots trying to reduce tension between generations.

Studies in High Public School Bakedal in Sveg, Sweden, enlarge my knowledge in practical history of textile and made me change pedagogical work for a new one. At present time I work as a leader of the department "Centre of Development of Traditional Crafts" in the Karelian Centre of National Crafts. Administrative work doesn't give satisfaction of craving for practical work with textile. Fund IREX gave me the possibility to obtain necessary equipment for private textile workshop.

What can be called textile? Soviet Encyclopedia Dictionary gives us such answer as "TEXTILE (latin textile - to weave, texo - I'm weaving), manufacture produced of fibers and threads (fabric, knitted fabric, non-woven and dubbed materials, bumping manufacture, cotton wool, nets, textile haberdashery, twisted manufacture - sewing threads, ropes, etc.). We will not argue. My opinion on textile is possible to see according to issues: