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Beginnings of crafts are one of the topics of world mythology. Invention of weaving was a big step in development of our civilization. There are fundamental differences in vertical and horizontal looms. They are classified according to the way of putting warp thread. In many developed countries hand weaving on a loom became very popular at present time. I visited open textile workshops in Norway, Finland and Sweden. There is possible to buy or order individual textile goods, have a look at exhibition of the best samples of local craftsmen, or to weave a strip of carpet of needed size and color for suitable fee with a guidance of master.

In Russia strips of carpet are traditional part of interior. People are enthusiastic in use of them again in recent years. They are often used in decoration of summer and hunting cottages, tourist hotels on ethnological and ecological routes. Strips of carpet give people feeling of safety and comfort, calmness of country life. Historically such carpets were made of natural materials.

Each handmade on the loom carpet has its art form. Depending on color and composition of patterns strips of carpet may express charm of country life, be connected with seasons, special event or place, have modern design according to modern interior. They can be placed on the floor or also on the wall. Woven bags and vests are good for those who are fond of such things. The most demanding persons may even make individual textile for exclusive costume.