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Reeling. Spinned threads are reeled from spindle or spools into skeins. It makes possible to count spinned threads. Threads are washed, whitened and dyed in skeins.

There are special simple instruments for making skeins. Reel is a small stick with crotch on the one end and perpendicular crossbar attached to the stick with its middle on another end. Instrument that has perpendicular crossbars on both ends called "talka". It's not hard to make such instruments yourself. Dyeing.It is a whole world for patient dreamers.

Approximately all in nature may be dyestuff: roots, leaves, flowers, cones, rind, mushrooms, moss, lichen, berries. Simple chemical substances may be used for intensification and strengthening of color: green and blue vitriol, alum, potash also are used salt and vinegar. It is easier to dye wool with natural dyestuff than flax and cotton.

It is possible to make whole color spectrum with natural dyestuff. All tints combines with each other very beautifully. Wool keeps aroma of nature. It is also possible to dye threads in excellent colors with ready-made dyestuff. But in that case effect of adventure will be lost.