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Small leather bags were used approximately by all nations of past. People kept in them magic amulets, food, everyday things, sewing implements, fire steel and tinder, tee or coffee, etc. There were also leather bags for water and wine. History knows even leather pots for cooking. Both men and women used leather gauntlets. They could be simple used for work and also decorated with furs, textile, velvet or embroidery.

Ancient craftsmen learned to process leather with simple homemade mixtures and instruments. It is slow and hard work. Patterns were made according to the long practical experience. They became really perfect. Masters used minimum material with best result and simple way of cutting.

Nowadays it is fashionable to use small leather bags for mobile phones or keys. Traditionally it is possible to put in it travel sewing kit. And of course, historical costume can't be seen without accessories sewed of leather.